AZIMA GROUP is a quality and result focused partner; our services must add-value and exceed client expectations in their design, delivery and result.
Our clients are our partners; we value the business trust and deliver on our commitments.

  • Communication
  • Integrity & Respect
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement Process
  • Responsible Business

AZIMA is a citizen company that feels an obligation and a responsibility to its community and country. We are part of Mauritania’s development. Our employees, suppliers and business partners understand our values and their importance to our way of doing business.
In its over 16 years of experience, AZIMA GROUP has worked with public and private sector as well as international institutions on a variety of successful projects nationwide. Our management, qualified team, business initiatives and overall customer care have given us a market leader’s reputation.
AZIMA GROUP offers its expertise to accompany the extractive industries development in Mauritania; we have worked with all major Oil and Mine operators with solid professional experiences and ongoing projects.