Our services include:

1. Hydraulic Works

Drinking water (catchment works, pumping, transportation, storage and distribution), Urban and rural sanitation (collective remediation systems, sewage plants, retention basins, remediation of individual systems or semi-collective, hydro agricultural development (plains and networks and irrigation works)


2. Civil engineering and Environment

Our presence in the construction and civil engineering works is in the logic of the immense needs of our country in terms of development. Azima provides the execution of new projects for the government and local authorities and also the rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure of ancient roads, bridges and other crossings structures (culverts, submersible rafts, etc.).Regarding the environment, we operate in the construction and development of collection infrastructure, transportation, recycling and treatment of solid and liquid waste.


3. Transport & Logistics Services

We provide a variety of transport and logistics solutions, door to door and other customized solutions, depending on clients’ needs. Special low-beds and flatbeds are ready with different capacities in order to have you equipment transported safely.


4. Roads and Networks

In the transport field and road work, including for earthworks, our intervention covers various activities:

  • Earthworks, Rural Roads, Roads, art works
  • Shaping layers (riprap, treated sand, metalling, concrete,etc...)
  • Coating (concrete, reinforced concrete or asphalt).
  • Ancillary works (linear elements and security, draining devices, etc...)
  • Urban Roads (paving, installation of street furniture, production of fountains, plants, colored coatings, etc...)



5. Construction
The different type of construction is one of the main activities of our group. Azima acts as general contractor for the benefit of individuals or in the context of public procurement to ensure all building trades:
  • Structural work (Earthworks, Civil Engineering, Construction Frame, Cover, Waterproof)
  • Completions (wall and floor coverings, Carpentry, Painting)
  • Special techniques (electricity, sanitary, ventilation, etc...)
  • Outdoor facilities (Green areas & Paving)
  • Crushing (different sizes until -0.5 ml)
  • In the building sector we operate in the construction of private houses, apartments, shops, offices, industrial buildings, hospitals, sports facilities and education buildings.
6. Heavy Equipment Rental

Different kind of equipment (please see above on the right) are ready upon request. Hourly, daily, monthly and also lump sum rates are available for clients, customized rates and offers also available. Brand new equipment of different marks (CAT, CASE, DOOSAN and etc...).